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Contractors will have Park Avenue and Hickory Street closed for drainage upgrades, installing a crosswalk along with a handicap ramp. The road will be closed on Tuesday, April 23,2024 from 7am until 5pm.


Mako has begun clearing and dredging the drainage ditch on East Ashford Park Drive . Work includes dredging and opening up the drainage ditch to access the City of Foley stormwater system and well as clearing and grating the  area to allow for seeding.








Attention Safe Harbor Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return Feral Cats

There have been a few inquiries to the POA Board concerning the increased number of cats in the neighborhood.  In particular, the increased number of “feral” or “community “cats that have been brought into the neighborhood, living in our sewers and storm drainage, some of which are being fed by Ashford Park residents.  Complaints include feces in gardens, scratched vehicles, caterwauling etc. With cats, as well as dogs, Section 14 of the Covenants and Restrictions clearly states that “Any animal of any kind that are kept or maintained on any part of said property shall be fenced or restrained in such manner that they may not run loose upon other properties within the subdivision.”  In addition to the P.O.A. the feral cat situation was also directed to the City of Foley and animal control who in turn, contacted the Safe Harbor Animal Coalition.

The Safe Harbor Animal Coalition (S.H.A.C.) is a volunteer-run, Baldwin County and donor-funded animal welfare organization dedicated to the humane care of homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in Baldwin County, Alabama.  Safe Harbor Animal Coalition aims to reduce and control the overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs through spay/neuter, vaccinating, Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return and cat colony management, while providing lower cost veterinary services to their partner 501(c)3 organizations. In addition, funds directly support education and training in order to create healthy and empowered communities, promoting spay/neuter initiatives and educating on responsible pet ownership

  • Supporting Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return programs, and providing TNVR training and sources

  • Educating on community cat safety and colony management

  • Providing low-cost veterinary services for our partner nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations

  • Strengthening local and state animal protections


In the near future (we will post the dates when available), Safe Harbor will be conducting a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return or “TNVR”.   Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return or “TNVR” is the humane, effective approach for controlling free-roaming community cats. Their mission is not to remove, relocate or euthanize any of the cats.  It is exactly what it sounds like: Cats are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian to be neutered and vaccinated. After recovery, the cats are returned or released to the location were trapped, returning the cats to the exact location where they were trapped so they can live out the rest of their natural lives without breeding. Community cats are not typically adoptable.


If you know of a specific location in the neighborhood where community cats are located, please contact the HOA Board at  The information will be provided to Safe Harbor for trapping purposes.  We urge all pet owners to put an identifying collar on their cats.  This will identify the cat as a domestic pet.  Domestic pets will be released if trapped without TNVR.  Please note that any cat that is not identified as a domestic pet, will be TNVR’ed and returned with a clipped ear for future identification.


If you are the owner of a domesticated cat and wish to have your pet spayed/neutered, Safe Harbor will neutered and vaccinated for a fee of $85 dollars.  Domesticated cats are not clipped.


You can find additional information concerning Safe Harbor at the following


You can contact Safe Harbor via email at;


“Far more than meets the EYE”                      

Ashford Park and Hampton Park are two cozy and friendly neighborhoods nestled in the center of Foley.  A dozen women who are residents of both meet one day a month to play a game of Bunco, (also spelled bunko) a dice game with twelve or more players, divided into groups of four, trying to score points while taking turns rolling three dice in a series of six rounds.  A bunko is yelled when a player rolls three-of-a-kind and all three numbers match the round number, which is decided at the beginning of the round.  Bunko is the ultimate girls’ night out activity because it is easy, quick, and essentially stress free.  You can play and chat dedicating time with friends–cultivating old friendships.  Talking and laughter fill the room while spending time with current friends, and appreciating all the great people in your life.

What makes this group any different from your run of the mill card or trivia group? Such aspects as time and an appreciation for the joy long-term friends bring to our lives.  There are members of this group who have consistently played since Marsha Sanders formed the group in 2003.  As people in our neighborhood relocate or move on with time, memberships change.  When a member has a conflict and cannot attend, there is always a list of twelve or more women enthusiastically willing to substitute.  Therefore, aside from the socializing, laughter, camaraderie (not to mention the snacks), these women do more than roll dice.  They are those who are always willing to help others, regardless of the situation. They are the ones who are always looking for ways to make things better for others. 


Whether it is providing a shoulder to cry on, lending a listening ear, or giving a helping hand, helpful people are always there for others. Has someone in the neighborhood become ill, hospitalized or suffered a loss these ladies are there to lend support, whether it is donating their time, money, or resources, These ladies are always prepared to help those in need through prayer, by preparing meals, providing transportation or just sharing comfort.  It is this group’s sense of community and caring that is truly special.

In addition, these women all contribute monthly and with their monetary donations, they select local charities and support groups to donate the monies.  Exampled by this month’s selection, Tunnel to Towers Foundation who, since 9/11, have been helping America’s heroes by providing mortgage-free homes to Gold Star and fallen first responder families with young children and by building specially-adapted smart homes for injured veterans and first responders .  They spread their cheer and goodwill by having their monthly gatherings at local restaurants and establishment where members purchase their lunch or dinners helping to support our local eateries.

Yes, they enjoy each other’s company.  They laugh, share stories and occasionally scream “BUNKO” but as with a book, one must look beyond the cover, past the laughter, the snacks, the deep connection these women have in common.  Look past the dice and see the fellowship that continuously grows within this small, compassionate and caring group.







Are you new to the Homeowners Association or Don't Understand How a POA works?

The Ashford Park Homeowner association is run by a board of directors who are resident
homeowners elected by the community. HOAs are governed by a set of bylaws that spell out
the rules for homeowners who live in the community. As a homeowner living in an HOA, you
can elect board members. Depending on the type of HOA you live in, you have control over
what is inside your home, but the HOA will govern exterior maintenance and changes.


HOAs have the legal right to raise fees, charge a special assessment and enforce rules.
Depending on state laws, HOAs have the right to suspend use of common areas and to take
residents to court if necessary for violating rules or not paying HOA fees.


The main functions of an HOA are to manage the community, provide services for residents
and enforce rules.

Maintenance services.

HOAs typically handle lawn care and other landscaping in common areas of a development.

Insurance policies.

HOAs usually have insurance to cover liability and repairs for common areas, which could

mean that residents pay less for their insurance policies on their residence.

Establishing community rules.

Residents who live in a homeowners association must agree to abide by the community’s rules, which

can include whether pets are allowed, whether you can park an RV on your property and what type of

home business you can run. In some communities, HOAs set requirements for homeowner maintenance

such as how high the grass can be or the exterior color scheme so the community continues to look cohesive.

Upon buying a home in Ashford Park , you are automatically a member of the Homeowners Association

Whether you researched the Homeowners Association before purchasing or you were unaware of the

existence of the Homeowners Association, you are still a member. It is written in the documents you signed on closing day.

Did you get a violation letter and you don't understand what is going on? It is your responsibility to read the Covenants, By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. All documentation should have been provided to you at closing.  If you do not have copies, all documents can be found on the Ashford Park Homeowners Association web page at


For further information please contact the Ashford Park Homeowners Association at:



TRAILERS AND PROHIBITED USES. No house trailer, truck (other than a pick-up truck) or mobile home shall be permitted on any lot, except trucks may be permitted for use during construction and temporary repairs to a dwelling with the written permission of the Committee. Travel trailers, hauling trailers, "habitable motor vehicles", boat trailers and boats must be stored to the rear most extension of the dwelling located on the lot, more than five (5) feet from the boundaries of the lot, and shall be visually screened from the street and adjoining property owners

Public Streets and Sidewalks Under State and Local law it is illegal to operate any motor vehicle upon any city street without a state issued license plate. Further, it is illegal to operate any motor vehicle at any time upon a sidewalk or sidewalk area. While certain specified areas within the city of Foley are allowed by city ordinance to permit Golf Cart traffic, no street within the Ashford Park subdivision is included in such ordinance. ATV, Golf Cart, and Other Recreational Motor Vehicle use is strictly prohibited on all streets and sidewalks within the Ashford Park subdivision, except as otherwise provided by law.



The following documents will be the information needed to register your golf cart for use on designated cart streets. This package consists of the registration and inspection form and information regarded the rules and regulations for use of a golf cart on designated cart streets. The followlng steps will be required in order to register your golf cart:

  1. Complete, and sign the golf cart registration where indicated.

  2. Proof of insurance must be obtained for the golf cart.

  3. Foley Police Department must inspect and check off the required equipment. All equipment must be present at the time of inspection.

  4. The City of Foley requires golf cart owners must read and understand the rules and regulations for operation of a golf cart.

  5. A yearly $25 fee will be charged for a golf cart permit. Once paid the permit will be obtained and placed on the windshield.

  6. This permit is good for one calendar year beginning in January of each year. In the event you change addresses in the city llmlts of Foley you must notify the Foley Police Department.


Please take into consideration that the operation of a golf cart on designated cart streets Is a privilege. Foley Police Department and the city reserve the right to revoke and deny any golf cart registration which is deemed necessary. Stay safe and follow the traffic laws.


200 East Section Avenue

Foley, AL 36535

(251) 943-4431


Name:                                                                      Foley Permit#                                                 


Golf Cart Manufacturer:                                                Serial or lD#                                                            

Insurance Company:                                                                                                                              

I have reviewed the rules and regulations that were herein set in place by the City of Foley. I ensure that all drivers listed have a valid driver’s license and will comply with the City of Foley Golf Cart Rules and Regulations.




X = Present



Seat Belts (lap or shoulder)

Head Lights

Brake Lights

Turn Signals Front and Rear


Rear View Mirror or Side Mirrors

Operable Brakes

Steering Wheel Reliable


Tires (Good Condition)

Amber Front and Rear Red Reflectors

Orange Warning F|ag 6 Feet Above


Officer Notes:


Officer‘s Name and badge #      Date of Data Entry


By — Initials


***”****””””*’ This Inspection N/A to State Tagged Carts ***”*”*****”**

Rules and Regulations

Carts may not be operated on any public street, road, or highway within the corporate limits of the City of Foley that is not a Designated Cart Street and may be operated on Designated Cart Street only in accordance with the following rules and regulations. A State Tagged Cart this is not a Municipal Service Vehicle may not be operated on any public street, road, or highway within the corporate limits of the City of Foley on which the posted legal speed limit is greater than 25 miles per hour.

In addition:

  1. No person who is not a driver licensed by the State of Alabama or, in the case of a non-resident, by his or her home state or country or who is less than sixteen (16) years of age may operate a Cart on a designated Cart Street.

  2. Carts may be operated on Designated Cart Streets between the hours of sunrise and 10:00 pm. The headlights on the cart shall be illuminated at all times when it is in operation on Designated Cart Streets, regardless of the hours of operation.

  3. Any person who operates a cart on a Designated Cart Street must adhere to all State and municipal laws applicable to the operation of motor vehicles, including, without limitation, all laws concerning the operation of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The operator of a cart may not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken. A cart may not be operated between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles, and carts may not be operated two or more abreast in a single lane. The operator of a cart may, in a safe manner, cross over, perpendicular, a street with a speed limit greater than 2fi mph, to continue on to the other side of low speed streets. However, golf carts that are owned by a golf course and regularly maintained by the golf course do not need to meet all the equipment requirements of this ordinance when the carts are driven over or cross over the streets perpendicular. However, these carts will not be driven at night.

  4. Cart drivers must yield the right-of-way to overtaking vehicles at all times.

  5. The maximum occupancy of a cart shall be the number of occupants for which the cart has approved seat belts. No cart shall be operated on any public street unless all occupants are seated with their seat belts fastened. No child under the age of five (5) shall be transported in a cart on any public street.

  6. No cart shall be operated on any public sidewalk or bike path.

  7. No cart shall be parked in a designated handicapped parking space unless the driver or at least one passenger has a valid handicap parking permit that is displayed on the cart.

  8. No cart may be operated on a Designated Cart Street without a valid permit sticker issued by the Foley Police Department to the owner of the cart attached. A yearly fee of $25.00 per cart will be charged by for this permit sticker on the basis of each calendar year or portion thereof. Each cart must be inspected annually before a permit is issued and no permit shall be issued for any can that does not meet the equipment and conditions of this Ordinance. No permit shall be issued for any cart without proof of that any person who may operate the cart on a public street is covered by a policy of liability insurance held by the owner of the cart. The required minimum liability limits of the cart shall be the same as required by the State of Alabama for operation of a motor vehicle.


Acknowledgment and Indemnity Agreement

The Foley City Council has enacted an Ordinance permitting the operation of golf carts on certain streets within the City pursuant to the authority of the Alabama Constitutional Amendment adopted pursuant to Act No. zoi6-• 71. In enacting the Ordinance, the City Council has expressly confirmed its view that golf carts are not designed or manufactured to be suitable for use on public streets and roads, and the City of Foley in no way advocates or endorses the operation of golf carts on public streets. The City understands that residents within golf course residential communities and other communities desire to have the option to operate their golf carts on a limited basis within those communities in order to access the amenities in and immediately adjacent to those communities, and have secured the adoption of Act No. zoi6->7l to allow the enactment of ordinances permitting such operation in Baldwin County subject to the terms of the Act and to such other restrictions the City may impose as authorized by the Act. In designating public streets on which golf carts may be legally operated, the Act requires the City to determine that golf carts may safely travel on such designated streets after consideration of factors including, but not limited to, the speed, volume, and character of motor vehicle traffic using the street. The designation in, or pursuant to, the City Ordinance of certain streets as streets on which golf carts may safely travel is not a determination or representation by the City that operation of golf carts on such streets is in fact safe or advisable even if done in accordance with the Ordinance due to the limited drive characteristics and safety features of golf carts. All persons operating golf carts must be observant of, and attentive to the safety of themselves and

others, including their passengers, other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. All persons who operate or ride carts on public streets inside the City of Foley do so at their own risk and peril, and no permit for the operation of a golf cart on the public streets shall be issued except upon execution by the owner of the golf cart of this written undertaking to indemnify and hold the City, its officials, officers, agents, and employees harmless from any and all liability of any kind or character directly or indirecHy associated with such operation.



Permit Applicant/Owner

Street Address Phone Number Date

Permit Issued by:                                          


Attention Homeowners and Pet Lovers

We have received complaints about pet owners walking their pets in the neighborhood, bagging their pet feces and leaving the bagged feces on the sidewalks, gutters and neighbors yards for someone else to dispose of.   If you observe this happening, please contact the HOA as soon as possible.  Responsible dog owners pick up after their pets in public places. However, there are times when owners neglect to pick up their dog's waste, perhaps they are in a rush, don’t have poop bags, or they don’t see why it’s so important. And because of this, you’ve probably stepped in more than your share of undisposed dog poop. Chances are you’ve stepped in dog poop and not even been aware of it until you smell it wafting through your car. This is just one of many reasons why it is so important to clean up after your dog. Here are a few more.





5. The HOA cannot pursue pet problems. This falls under the city of Foley to enforce. Call 251-943-4431

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