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2023 Board of Directors

President - Lee Bochnia

Architectural - Pat Billingsley

Treasurer - Michael Wojtaszek


There are so many benefits of living in an HOA community. The main benefit is that you can avail of everything the community offers without having to lift a finger to maintain and upkeep it all. 

That’s the HOA’s board of directors concern, isn’t it?   Yes, but for that to happen, the HOA needs people to step up and volunteer their time to serve on the homeowners’ association board of directors.  An HOA board is a group of people whose role is to run the association. 


Our HOA board is comprised five core members - president, vice president, secretary, HOA treasurer and Architectural Chair as well as general members who help by serving on various committees. 

Each of the five core board members is responsible for different aspects of the HOA:

PRESIDENT - Lee Bochnia

The HOA president oversees the function of the association and decision-making.  The president must understand bylaws and regulations to have all the insights required to make well-informed decisions.  


  • Overseeing the association’s activities

  • Decision making

  • Presiding and running meetings

Treasurer - Michael Wojtaszek

The HOA treasurer handles the association’s money and financial matters.  The treasurer conducts internal controls and monitors how the funds are being handled in the HOA. They maintain financial records, conduct regular audits of the finances, create the HOA’s annual budget and deal with the association’s taxes.  


  • Overseeing the association’s financial matters

  • Preparing annual budgets

  • Managing financial records

  • Dealing with the association’s taxes


Architectural Chair - Pat Billingsley

Perhaps, the largest responsibility of HOA boards.  The Architectural Chair focuses on the day-to-day part of the HOAs operations and ensures that everything runs smoothly.  The Architectural Chair inspects and enforces the association’s CC&Rs, sends violation notices, work with residents towards resolutions, and maintains homeowner files. 

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