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January 09, 2024

5:30 pm at The City of Foley Council Chambers


The annual meeting of the Ashford Park POA meeting was held on January 09, 2024, at 5:30 pm in the City of Foley Council Chambers.  Lee Bochnia, President, called the meeting to order.  Pat Billingsley, started the meeting with all attendees and board members standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.  President Lee Bochnia, Treasurer Mike Wojtaszek, and Secretary Pat Billingsley were present.  Mike explained that Sybil Owen had moved out of state and that Mike and Pat were asked to join the board after the resignations of 2 previous board members.  

Lee welcomed all to the meeting and asked Mike to give the financial reports.  Mike explained the Financial Statements that were given to all attending.  After finishing the details, he asked if anyone had questions.  No one responded.  Mike then explained the 2024 Projected Budget.  He informed all that there will be significant spending for all of the ponds.  He also said that Ashford Park has 25% ownership in Hampton Pond and that Hampton Park owns 75%.  The money allocated for the ponds can be used for all of the other ponds, too.  Mike went on to say that the legal fees were $13,000 which was high.  Mike concluded that he was hoping for a positive income in 2024.  Again, he asked if anyone had questions, and no one responded.

Lee was the next speaker and informed all attendees that Asa Baugher was no longer the legal representative of the Ashford Park POA due to the fact of excessive charges.  He was charging the POA $750/meeting plus expenses. Since 2020, The POA has incurred $42,823.00 in legal fees. Asa also charged for brief (5-minute or less) discussions.  The Board met with and decided on Daniel Craven to replace Mr. Baugher.  Board members met with Mr. Craven a few months ago and were pleased with what he had to say and informed us how we can save money on legal fees.   Daniel Craven is a Property Owner Association Lawyer representing numerous POA’s and HOA’s throughout Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Foley areas.  Sally Gedosch commented that she knew Mr. Craven and he comes highly recommended.   

One of the objectives this year is to re-work the By-Laws and change/update the Covenants of Phases 1,2, 3, and 4 as they have all passed the 20-year mark for updating, instead of waiting until 2026 and doing all 8.   Sally Gedosch questioned whether the wording would all be the same for all phases and Lee said yes, they would be. 

Lee informed all that there had been a security breach in our Ashford Park Gmail account.  The password has been changed and will be monitoring it closely.

Lee went on to talk about the ponds and priorities for 2024. 

Hampton Park Pond is smaller but may cost more to repair it.  The City of Foley Public Works cleared debris and overgrowth from the ditch draining the pond south to CR 20.   Planning on doing the east bank first.  Hampton Park has the majority interest (75%) and they are low on funds.   Our priority is to stay in good standing with the Foley EPA.   We will pay 25% of the costs.  Mike said that the only way that Hampton Park can raise the money to cover the costs is to increase their dues or have an assessment.  Ashford Park’s portion of the Hampton Park Pond work should be around $20000 for 2024.

East Ashford Park Pond goes into the high school drainage ditch and it is the length of the whole block.  All of the East and West Ashford Park areas drain under the streets and go into the East Ashford Park Pond.  This area drains approximately 30% of Ashford Park including the East Ashford Park detention pond.    Cleaning that area on East Ashford Park enabled us to assess damages caused by Hurricane Sally and the lack of any previous maintenance.  It hasn’t drained in the past 2 years.  The spillway is nonfunctioning, no water drains to the city-controlled remediate.  The clearing was completed in September 2023.   We will need to remove the debris, dredge, and put in culverts.  Plans are to open a canal, clear debris, and spillway allowing it to drain. Bids are being requested.  Two of the three received to date.  Once complete, the area will be left open and assessable for future maintenance actions.

East Ashford Detention Pond – The elevation has risen from 6 inches to well over 18 inches.  Work will require contractors to excavate dirt and grade within the pond area to the original grade and design. 

Hickory Pond – Clearing and cutting vegetation in the Hickory Pond and canal.  This requires mobilizing equipment to put pond/load/haul/dispose of cattail cuttings with amphibious aquatic cutter/harvester, mower, weed eaters, operators, truck, and trailers.  It was brought to our attention that homeowners are throwing debris in the pond and it makes it more difficult to maintain.  Please do not throw anything into the pond.  Mako has a contract for 2 years for 3 cuts/yr.  This includes cutting all three ponds.  The contract is being renegotiated to itemize cuts and timelines.  The target is to reduce the $13,5400 commitment to under $9,000 annually.

West Ashford Common Area – We have removed the fences on both sides of West Ashford Park Drive.  We had a contractor clean it up with a stump grinder, mulch, and grade it.  The plan is to let the ground settle and then seed it.  Opening more green areas to our green areas.  Have been thinking about putting up dog stations as many people are not cleaning up after their dogs and leaving the feces or the bags.    There was a question about a tree in the common on East Ashford Park Drive.  They are the properties of the Ashford Park POA.  Some people wanted to know if the tree was going to be cut down and the answer was no.  Frith’s Lawn Service cuts the grass in the common areas.  We need to update his contract. 

Pat Billingsley read the minutes from the October 03, 2023, quarterly POA meeting.  There were no questions. 

Mike informed us that there is only one bank account now as there had been two, one for the general funds and one for the ponds.  He had to move money between the 2 accounts frequently, which was very time-consuming.  The pond account was closed and all monies were combined in the general fund.

Bobbie Hale stated that the Database is much better, and Lee thanked Pat in correcting errors.  Lee also thanked Bobbie Hale, Linda Bochnia, Kim Killiam, and Walt Johnson for the wonderful Christmas decorations on both entrances of Park Ave.   

There was a discussion about the traffic situation on Park Avenue and Hickory St.  One member said that Hickory St. is very dangerous and that the sidewalks are not going to help the problems.  Pat said that she and Mike both live on Park Ave and can contest the fact that many cars speed and do not stop for the stop signs.  Pat also said that some were residents of Ashford Park.  Lee Bochnia, Linda Bochnia, Pat Billingsley, and Gary Billingsley attended the Foley City Council meeting asking for assistance in controlling the Park Avenue traffic.  More neighbors need to attend and express concerns to the Foley City Council and Charlie Ebert, our City Councilman.

Mike said that the yearly dues are due by January 1, 2024.  There are 4 homeowners in arrears for 2023.  We have been lenient in the past and the Board will file liens or small claims court if the dues are not paid.    

Pat called the meeting to be adjourned and let the election take place.  The election took place and all ballots were counted and the top three were elected.  There were 45 ballots cast, one was blank and one was submitted by a non-homeowner and removed.  Pat Billingsley, Mike Wojtaszek, and Lee Bochnia were elected with 43 votes each.

The Board would also like to thank Bobbie Hale and Linda Bochnia for all their work in organizing, envelope stuffing, and mailing the 2023 year-end invoice packages to the 279 homeowners. 

The Ashford Park P.O.A. Board of Directors has determined that the Ashford Park Homeowners Associations Financials are proprietary to the Ashford Park property owners exclusively.  Homeowners are advised that any any all financials can and will be made available to all Ashford Park owners upon request.

To receive a copy of the most recent Ashford Park Financials, please make your request via email or USPS postal service.  The request must include the Ashford Park owners name, address and lot number and a copy of the most recent financial report will be forwarded to you. 

Please forward all requests to the following.

Ashford Park Property Owners

PO Box 1078

Foley, Al. 36536

Thank you for your consideration,

Ashford Park Property Owners Association

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