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Architecture Committee News

Reminder to all homeowners! If you are planning on making modifications to your fence, driveway, patio, adding flag poles exterior colors etc. the covenants indicate you must notify the HOA Board in advance and provide a copy of the projected plans.   Please remit the following to the Ashford Park HOA Architectural Committee prior to starting any activity.  

City of Foley has published an on-line permitting portal. is a portal for

Foley residences to both apply and search for permits.  The portal can be accessed at


Garbage in the streets? Garbage anywhere washes into the storm water system. It ends up in our ponds. It costs everyone to clean them. PLEASE be aware and do your part to keep our costs down. 

We are looking each week to make sure that our neighborhood is looking the best it can. If you are not sure if you are storing something correctly or if you want to make any major changes, please contact us through email as soon as possible. Our covenants are not difficult to follow and you can always view or print them from this website.  

In other news, the Board signed an extended contract with Friths to mow until 2025.

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