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Pay Now and Later?

Many people are concerned with how the Board spends homeowner's money.  Yet drive around the neighborhood. On a daily basis, you will see grass clippings lining the streets. Some homeowners mow and blow them into the street. Some people PAY to have their lawn mowed and that person blows clippings into the street.

  No big deal right?   Well, if you like to put your money down the drain, keep it up.  

Eventually, those clippings move down the drains to the ponds.  Acres of pond clippings build up sediment and have to be removed from the ponds and the cost grows every year.

grass clippings from mowing in drains
You pay to mow and pay again to clean the drains

The choice is yours...

What are the Choices?

1) Do the same thing and get the same results.   

2) If we are mowing---mulch or set our blowers so the clippings go into yard, NOT the street!!!     (Might be a little harder & might save a little $)

3) If you have a person who cares for your lawn, you are paying them. Tell them how you want it done.  If they won't do it, there are others.  You are the customer.   SAVE $

4.  You are a homeowner.  You mow your lawn and keep clippings in your lawn.  But you see someone blowing clippings into a drain.  Are you willing to speak up?   Are you willing to notify what the company name is?  Standing by and saying nothing is like being an accomplice.  

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