Not part of the HOA but part of Ashford Park

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime-prevention program that brings community members together and teaches them how to make their neighborhoods safer by using basic crime prevention techniques and identifying and reporting suspicious activity

In Ashford Park, the neighborhood has been divided into sections and there are captains or co-captains for each area.  If there is a special issue, the captains will alert those in their area. But it takes everyone being alert---to keep everyone safe. 


  Ashford Park, is using a somewhat  private online network called Nextdoor. Please join us to build a better

neighborhood and promote Neighborhood Watch. Daily crime alerts are posted to this site in real time.  No matter where you are, if there is a safety alert to the neighborhood, you will get a notice. 


Nextdoor is the free and private social network. You can post just for Ashford Park neighbors or for several other neighborhoods in the area.  Nextdoor, neighbors share crime and safety concerns, local events, recommendations, items for sale/free, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better. We are using this app on phones and computers and Neighborhood Watch to keep our neighborhood safe.


Joining is simple and FREE. Just go to 

When you want to make a post, please decide if it is only appropriate for ASHFORD PARK


it could be helpful to other neighborhoods. 

When you write your post, be sure to look for the 

2 choices

Only Ashford Park

Ashford Park and 19 other neighborhoods.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This is a small group of people and it is not connected to the HOA.  

This is a group of Ashford Park volunteers to help our neighbors in need.   We will do many things to help you; but, we need your help too.   First, we need volunteers!   

If you have a skill, some time or suggestions, please contact us.

Second, we need requests/referrals for a neighbor in need.   

Please, none of us want to admit that we may need help, but we do and those of us who have been helped really appreciate the little things that we can longer do ourselves that this group can do for us.

We need volunteers for small jobs, drivers to run errands (appointments, pickup prescriptions/groceries), provide a meal, provide pet care, wellness checks, storm preparedness, etc.

We have a lot of seniors, singles and families in Ashford Park that at some point of time need some sort of help that we hope we can provide.    We are here to do what we can. If we can’t help you, we can try to refer/find someone who can.

If you have any suggestions as to what we can provide or ideas or would like to join the group, please contact us.

For more information, contact:​