Agendas / Minutes

Ashford Park HOA Meeting

July 14, 2015

Gulfway Church 6:30 PM

Call to Order-Bob Webb


Pledge of Allegiance-Brenda Trawick


Prayer- Heavenly Father: Give us open minds to see the perspectives of others, hearts large enough to understand their feelings, and the strength to bring fairness for all………Amen


Vision Statement-Brenda Trawick


Board Meeting Procedure-(created March-2015) The Board handles issues, complaints, comments, etc. using the “Contact Us” menu tab on the website.  The purpose of this policy is to provide Board Members with a written account of each matter, time to conduct research as needed, and time to respond as a group in an official capacity. This procedure also eliminates non-productive, time consuming emotion-based arguing that was experienced at the February 12, 2015 Annual Meeting.  


Roll Call-Brenda Trawick (See Voting Record)


Committee Reports

(1) Tech-Communications

(2) Finance-Legal

(3) Architectural

(4) Maintenance


Communications Committee


Database Update continues. Success so far in adding 112 updates since March. That brings our total to 259 out of 279 … an increase to 93% of our Goal of 100%. Although lots of work has been done, there are still missing bits of information on owners. These missing bits cost us money as we try to deliver mail to them and it comes back as undeliverable. It is a waste of our time and the HOA’s money. So please if you have not filled out your database sheet, do it now. I have copies with me.


The next step is to list the 20 names and addresses on the website and ask owners who are their neighbors to assist us in getting this document to 100%.


We have made a list of all of the Title Companies in this area and we will be composing a letter to them introducing our HOA to them to pass on the Database Form to new buyers.


Thanks to the many helping hands that made this possible…especially Bobbie Hale for hand delivering the North side of Park Ave going back several times to a house until she found the homeowner to talk to. On the South side of Park Ave…many thanks to Dave Hoffmann and Ron Winterstein for hand delivering the newsletter and DB update. Every home in Ashford Park was hand touched by these volunteers and I want say a special thank you to them.  Diane Saunders has been extremely helpful using her database entry skills and helped with the initial process.


The update continues as many homes go up for sale and new neighbors move in.  Because of this, it was discussed again forming a side committee to welcome new neighbors and renters to the neighborhood. A warm welcome goes a long way when you are in a new environment. We still need to find volunteers for this start up and I am working on a Mission Statement to help clarify what we will be called and what our objectives will be. I have a rough draft for those that might be interested in participating. I am thinking of calling it HELPING HANDS HELPING NEIGHBORS.  As with everything in our self-run HOA, it will be as great as the people who step up to help make it that way. Our country was found in the spirit of volunteerism and I see not lack of it here, but I do know that many hands will lessen the work of a few. I believe we need a WELCOME TO ASHFORD PARK letter for new neighbors and will be looking for help with that too. My belief is that no new neighbor’s first introduction to Ashford Park should come in the way of a violation letter.  Now that I have everyone’s phone number in the database…I may be calling on you!!


Another group of volunteers that I would like to thank is Dan and Gini Cronin for setting up and taking down the US Flags seen at the entrances of our subdivision.


Finance/Legal Committee


Projected Budget






































Architectural Committee


A Fence Protocol statement was approved and placed on the website to help homeowners determine who owns which sections of fence along their property lines.


To add clarity to Covenant 12 regarding Signs and Flags, the Board is writing a general Sign and Flag position statement which will be posted soon on the web site.


Homeowners received another reminder of upcoming covenant inspections by way of early June newsletter handouts and many took that opportunity to address issues at their homes before the HOA inspection work began.


To administer the covenants and protect the property values and beauty of our Ashford Park neighborhood, our first inspections were completed in the first half of June by two teams of 2.  Both team members had to agree on each noted item before it went to the voting part of our committee.


Our first voting meeting, to determine which items noted by the inspection teams would receive a letter, was held June 13.  No addresses or homeowner names were disclosed to the voters, to keep the process as unbiased as possible.  A potential covenant violation had to receive at least 2 out of 3 votes before a letter was sent to a homeowner. 


In June we produced 118 notification letters — these letters are our way of avoiding any fines, to give homeowners time to address issues that may be found.  From these letters, there were 47 homes with lawn notations which were reviewed again after 7 or more days.  Of these 47, we unfortunately had 9 homes fined, but this means that the other 38 people did get their items taken care of.  We are hopeful that the non-lawn items, which have 30 days to comply, will have this or an even better percentage result.  I think we are all noticing a difference already as positive changes occur every day in our neighborhood. 


As for our July work, the inspection teams went out the first week of this month, and the voting meeting was held soon after on July 11, the 2nd Saturday of the month.  This month’s process resulted in 37 notification letters, a wonderful drop from last month, and we even went so far as to take a second look at the grass and edging notations, after the voting meeting but before the letters go out, and were able to reduce the letters further to 27.  That was a suggestion by one of our Committee members.  I know there are some skeptics out there, but we really do want the neighborhood looking great, and we want you to keep your fine money!


Future voting meetings are open to homeowners, we plan to hold them at the Foley library (check the library’s website), and will be on the 2nd Saturday of each month, 10am.


One more thing, we do have a lot of work to do each month on this committee, to achieve the results we can all be proud of, so we’re asking for volunteers tonight to pitch in, join our committee, and contribute to our beautification efforts.


Maintenance Committee 



The maintenance committee completed the following task at the bi-monthly meeting


1. Completed a RFP for the lowering and repair of a HOA fence located east of 2487 W. Ashford on the south side of the roadway.


2. Completed a RFP for the mowing and removal of overgrown weeds and brush along the fence line located on the eastern boundary of the subdivision north of Park Ave. This bid will also contain a separate bid for the removal of overgrown trees and brush from within the circumference of the retention pond. This pond is located on the NE corner of the subdivision. 


3. Recommend the removal of the Riviera Utility box located at the corner of Park and Hickory St. We pay a monthly bill for the box and the HOA is not currently using electrical from the box.


At the meeting the HOA had not received any bids for the 2016 and 2017 landscape contract. Approx. six bids was sent out to local landscaping contractors electronically and via US mail. 


Request the HOA board to give permission to send out the two above mentioned RFP’s so the HOA can get a clear ideal of costs for these projects for the 2016 budget and beyond.



Secretary’s Report


Action Item-approval or amendment of the May 12, 2015 HOA Board Meeting Minutes (See voting Record)


Old Business-Items decided by E-mail vote since last meeting.


5-31-2015 Mark Wolcott resigned from the Board


6-7-2015 Diane Saunders was appointed to the Board by a 5-0 Vote


6-13-2015 Mike Wilde sent a communication to the Board requesting the Board ask for Bob Webb’s resignation. A vote was taken. Statements were received from both parties. The Board voted 5-0 to not ask Bob for his resignation.  The Board has no authority per the Covenants or By-Laws to remove a member from the Board, but has the authority to remove them from the Office or Position they hold on the Board.


6-14-2015 A vote was taken to purchase 4 signs for the Hickory Retention Pond to keep people, vehicles, and ATVs out of the retention ponds and create a By-Law that calls for a $500 fine plus damages caused for taking a vehicle or ATV into the retention pond. The vote result was 6-0 to purchase the signs and impose a $500 fine plus damages as a By-Law.


6-16-2015 After Mike and Daphne Wilde were notified of the vote on 6-13, 2015, the Board received another request from them asking to speak about the issue at the next meeting. The Board voted 5-0 to deny Mike or Daphne time to speak at the meeting since it is Board practice to not handle issues at Board Meetings described earlier.


6-18-2015 The Board conducted a series of votes for the purpose of creating a Position Statement to clarify which items the Board will pro-actively accept regarding Covenant 12 which references signs, billboards, banners, and flying paraphernalia. The covenant calls for all items mentioned above to be submitted by owners and approved by the Board before being displayed, except American Flags and For-Sale/For-Rent signs with a size limitation of 5 square feet. The purpose of the position statement is to inform owners as to which items the Board considers to be-pre-approved so owners 1) do not have to go through the hassle of submitting their items for approval 2) do not get fined for failing to seek such approval.  The vote count for each item will be included in the minutes of this meeting (posted within 72 hours after this meeting) and the list of items approved will be posted on the home page of the website as well as in a drop-down in Covenant-By-Law tab (within 72 hours after this meeting).


7-1-2015 Dave Roffman resigned from the Board


7-2-2015 Ron Winterstein was appointed to the Board by a 4-0 Vote.  Ron was also appointed to the Architectural Committee as the Chair.


7-2-2015 to 7-4-2015 Board voted 5-0 to deny the request of an Ashford Park owner to open and operate a business within a home in Ashford Park that would offer “Hospice” services.


7-3-2015 The Board voted 4-1 to approve the verbiage and placement of 2 signs near the driveway of 2461 South Hickory to discourage motorists from using her driveway as a place to turn around.


7-4-2015 The Board by 4-0 voted to approve the request to send all Architectural Covenant Violation letters, Fine letters, and letters involving legal matters to owners via registered or certified mail.


7-6-2015 Ron Winterstein resigned from the Board.


7-6-2015 The Board voted 4-0 to appoint Bobbie Hale to the Board. Bobbie will serve as the chair of the Architectural Committee. Bobbie could not attend tonight due to a previous commitment, but she has given her proxy to Barbara Cutsinger. (Read Bobbie’s note to the Board and Owners)


Treasurer’s Report


Informational Item-(Handout) January-June Budget Analysis Report


Informational Item-Update on 2013 and 2014 Audits


Informational Item-Update 2013 and 2014 Tax Filings


Informational Item-Delinquent HOA Dues list/amounts


President’s Report


Informational Item-Newsletters were hand-delivered to residents (thanks to Bobbie Hale and Ron Winterstein) with copies mailed to landlords during the first week of June.  The Newsletter was a mid-year list of what has been accomplished by the HOA as of May 31 and list of what must yet be accomplished from June 2015 to January 12, 2016.


Action Item-Request for Variance-Variance for Terry and Glenda Thrasher was approved


Action Item-Request for Board Involvement in Park Ave. Speed Limit/Speed Bump Proposal-Board granted the request of the Park Avenue Homeowners for the Ashford park HOA to contact the City and represent their safety concerns at a City Council Meeting.


Informational Item-Public Notice-from City of Foley informing us a request to build 34.4 acre/79 lot single family subdivision currently zoned R1C will be brought before the zoning commission on July 15, 2015 at 5:30. The project will be located on the west side of Hickory Street, North of Orlando Drive. Bob Webb will attend the meeting on behalf of the Ashford Park HOA.


Action Item-Budget Amendment-Board approved moving $30 from Computer/Office Supplies line item to the Printing/Reproduction line item.  Board approved moving $530 from the Audits line item to the Postage line item.


Action Item-Receive Covenants/By-Laws-Recommended changes from Legal Sub-committee.-Board official received both documents from the subcommittee by Dale Torrence-Chairperson. A 3 member Board-Owner subcommittee was appointed to review the documents received and recommend edits. Board Member Diane Saunders and Subcommittee Chair, Dale Torrence will serve as two of the three volunteers. No one from the audience agreed to volunteer to serve on this subcommittee. Note: By-Laws can be changed by Board Vote. A majority vote (140 of 279 lot owners) to change a covenant.


Action Item-Appoint a 3 person committee to research the scope of services and costs of involving a professional management company to assist with the administration of the HOA. Diane Saunders agreed to serve as a volunteer on this subcommittee. No one from the audience agreed to volunteer to serve on this subcommittee.


Action Item-Board approved a fine amount $50 (the minimum possible fine) for all first time offenses with the fine amounts list as “amount based of the discretion of the Board”.


  • Requests to clarify a covenant violation

  • Complaints about the inspection process


Discussion Item-Board Nomination/Election Process - Board discussed the process of having each person who chooses to run for a Board position to make application on the website and provide a short biography. The Board also discussed the logistics necessary to conduct a paper ballot election with 2-3 people counting votes with the ballot also containing potential changes in the covenants.


Informational Items-

(1) Next Committee Meeting will be held August 25 6:15 at the Foley Library 

(2) Next HOA Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 8 at 6:30 right here at Gulfway Church


Action Item-Adjournment-Meeting was adjourned at 7:45.


Note: One owner interrupted the meeting and the gavel was struck and the person was told he was out of order and told the second gavel down would call for removal from the meeting.  He continued to interrupt the meeting and second gavel came down and he was told he needed to leave the meeting and if third gavel was necessary the police would be called. He left after the second gavel.


Two other owners became irate after the meeting and yelled screamed at a Board Member.