HOA Model

Model is based on Five (5) Tenets...


  1. Total Transparency (All Meeting are “Open”/All Bids-sealed and opened in “Open” Meetings)

  2. Empowerment and Involvement of the People Who Care and are Willing to Work

  3. Community Service (Board Members and Committee Members will not be “self-serving”)

  4. Rebuilding Trust within our Homeowners Association

  5. Accountability and Respect of each other as well as the Democratic Process



This Model Calls For…
  • 100% Transparency regarding all HOA Meetings including Committee Meetings, decision-making, agendas/minutes which will include all decisions, decision rationale, as well as voting records (roll call vote results), budget development, expenditures, budget analysis vs allotment with all board meeting reports published on the website no later than 7 days after each board meeting.

  • Six (6) Board Meetings per year that are Open to all Homeowners (January, March, May, July, September, and November) with a consistent meeting day/time so people remember. Agendas will be placed on the website 7 days prior to each meeting and minutes will be published on the website 7 days after each meeting.

  • Empowering Working Groups (Committees) to make recommendations to the board per their area of expertise/responsibility.  

  • Maximum use of the Website www.ashfordparkowner.com to increase communication without increasing the costs of postage, ink, paper, and envelopes (about $250 per mailing plus many volunteer hours). If you do not have a computer or tablet, the public library provides free use of computers as well as instructional classes. We will also develop a subcommittee to assist those who require computer assistance.  Getting started, we need neighbors helping neighbors so everyone gets HOA Information.






Finance/Legal: Create the annual budget, assist with late HOA fee recovery, assist with the independent auditing process, provide a monthly line item budget analysis. Bring all legal matters to the attention of the Board through an agenda item.  Treasurer serves as the Chairperson.


Maintenance: Make recommendations to Board for all maintenance issues and create a sealed bid process (minimum of 3) for all Board-approved maintenance actions, with the sealed bids revealed in an open public meeting and results recorded. The group will also interact with city, county, and state officials as needed to coordinate the completion of maintenance work. Each committee member will conduct tours of the sub-division to identify maintenance issues.  


Tech/Communications: Create quarterly internet (website-based) newsletter, handle mailings, on-line surveys, website postings, review suggestions and complaints, update database, etc. Board Secretary serves as the Chairperson.


Architectural: Create and publish (on website) an inspection schedule to verify all homeowners are adhering to all covenant items. Evaluate the history of Architectural Committee decisions to insure fairness now and fairness moving forward. Architectural Board Member serves as a Co-Chair.


Each Committee will meet six (6) times per year (February, April, June, August, October, and December on the 4th Tuesdays).  These meetings will be open to homeowners, on an observe-only basis. Committee Schedules will be posted on the HOA website. Each of these committees will be responsible for generating agenda items (informational items and action-required items) to the Board President who will then combine the agenda items of each committee and create the agenda for the next Board Meeting. The Board President will then place the agenda on the website at least seven (7) days prior to each Board Meeting.


Communication Method


So as to not monopolize the private time of Board Members and Committee Members, an “in writing only” communication system will be implemented so all questions, suggestions, and complaints can be addressed in an effective and efficient manner.  All correspondence must be in writing using either the website by clicking on Contact Us or U.S. Mail with letters addressed to:  Ashford Park Home Owners Association, P.O. Box 1078, c/o Board Secretary, Foley, AL 36536. The Board Secretary will forward the correspondence to the appropriate Board Member or Committee Chairperson.  That committee will be responsible for A) formulating a written response per committee action and sending their response to the homeowner or B) placing the issue on the Board Meeting Agenda as an action-required item and informing them as such within 7 days of their decision.  All committee responses to homeowners will become informational Board Meeting Agenda items. Names will NOT be disclosed. The Board will consider adding all committee responses to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the website.


This system of communication will replace the non-productive “open mike” practice of addressing issues in Board Meetings in a verbal manner.  We will be paying an hourly rate for Board Meeting space and this process will not only save the HOA money, but will also eliminate any emotion-based interaction, and give the Board/Committees time to first investigate and then respond to each issue. Board Members and Committee Members, per this model, will be asked to refrain from responding to homeowners' questions as individuals and encourage homeowners  to utilize the “in writing only” Communication Process.  


We ask that homeowners be respectful and refrain from knocking on the doors, calling, or e-mailing individuals serving as Board Members or Committee Members and use the “in writing only” process, which is the only way an issue/complaint will be addressed.


It is our hope and belief that multiple Board Meetings, along with empowering committees to build the Board Meeting Agendas, will give our HOA a broader voice and provide a process to enhance problem-solving, promote financial efficiency, and provide a platform to develop a long-term vision for development.  We look forward to working with you!