Ashford Park HOA

Meeting Agenda/Minutes

February 12, 2015

6:30 PM


Type of Meeting-Annual Home Owners meeting

Meeting Location-Foley Civic Center

Invitees-Home Owners and Investors that Own Property in Ashford Park

Packet Contents

Page 1-Meeting Agenda

Page 2-President’s Report

Page 3-Letter from City of Foley

Page 4-Bid for Drainage work

Page 5-2014 Year-End Financial Statement

Page 6-Proposed 2015 Association Budget


                    Meeting called to Order by Secretary, Amy Palmer


  • Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Mission Statement for the HOA and Introduction of Board Members and City Officials

  • City Officials take the floor to discuss updates for the year, things that have been accomplished, and projects that are scheduled for the future

City Officials spent 70 minutes discussing 2014 accomplishments and answering audience-generated questions.  The County Road 20 Grant Project was the focal point during the Question/Answer session due it its potential impact on Ashford Park.

  • HOA Board

  • Secretary’s Report

Secretary used the Overhead Projector to introduce the proposed HOA Vision Statement. Motion was made to adopt the vision statement, a second was place, discussion took place, and the vote result- vision statement was adopted.  

  • President’s Report

(Was provided in the form of a written hand-out-contents are below)

In 2012 the Ashford HOA received a letter from the City of Foley serving notice that our Retention Ponds needed to be ridded of cattails and other vegetation that restrict the flow of drainage water and has been the cause of Snake and Mosquito infestation. This letter is exhibit II of your packet, which can be found on the backside of the Agenda. This issue was also discussed by a representative from the City of Foley at the August HOA get-together in Gulf Shores.


We procured three bids: $297,000, (included in your packet as Exhibit III), $160,000 (bid procured by previous administration), and $57,000 Current Board Treasurer, Roger Stringfellow has both the bids-broken down per area and the paid receipts.  We chose the lowest bid. The lowest bid included the removal of fifty (50) loads of unable dirt. Even though One-Hundred (100) loads of unusable dirt had to be removed, there was no increase to the original $57,000 bid and subsequent invoice


The Unit-8 Retention Pond has been ridded of cattails and vegetation. During this process, many snakes were killed and usable dirt was moved, taken from the bottom of the pond and added to the perimeter, increasing the height of the banks to be consistent with our original survey numbers.   The excavation occurred prior to the 22.5 inch rain last spring.

Cattails, vegetation, and silt were removed from the ditch (from the Bridge near Vestige Mews Dr. / Gabon Dr.) that connects the Unit-8 Retention Pond to the Retention Pond jointly owned by both Hampton Park (85%) and Ashford Park (15%).  


The Southwest Retention Pond was cleaned and leveled.  


28 trees were removed from the ditch that connects the Southwest Retention Pond with the 5 acre property owned by our HOA that connect to the Foley High School Boundary Line. The ditch was also widened to increase water flow.  


Other items in the $57,000 expenditure included Beware of Snake Signs which was recommended by our attorney from the Duck, Calhoun & Stone Law Firm to avoid litigation


Additional drainage issues exist including partial clogs in storm sewers, evidence of broken storm sewer pipes, and more retention pond work.   I would recommend these issues be further investigated, put out for bid, with decisions made by the 2015 Board after the Grant Work on County Road 20 has been completed. The removal of cattails and vegetation from the co-owned retention Pond (Hampton Park 85%/Ashford Park 15%) is now the clogging point connecting the work we have completed and the work the County Road 20 Grant will complete.  We appreciate the City’s assistance in applying pressure to Hampton Park to insure that retention pond does not remain the clogging point between the work we have done and the work the Grant Project will soon complete.


Drainage water runs north to south. If the southernmost co-owned retention pond  clogs, our storms sewers will fill, then overflow in order-south to north, and at that point drainage water will move into our yards and then into our homes. Unfortunately, there is nowhere else for it to go.

On another note the last of 4 deeds held in possession of the Ashford Park Homeowner Association’s name through a foreclosure process initiated by the 2012 HOA Board has been taken out of our name due the home being purchased by a new owner.


  • Suggestions

President Tim O’Leary recommended to the home owners of Ashford Park to look into the cost and benefits of Flood Insurance due to the Hampton Park Retention Pond issue and infrastructure issues within the Ashford Park storm sewer network.

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • 2014 Fiscal Year Financial Report (Mtg. Handout-can be found on HOA Website)

  • Presentation of 2015 Fiscal Year Budget (Handout Provided) for vote

No action taken

  • Introduction of 2015 Board Member Candidates

Thomas Abernathy (not Present)

Dave Roffman (Present)

Kevin Hermecz (Not Present)

Thomas Owen (Present)

Mark Wolcott (Present)

Bob Webb (Present)

Clara Woods (Present)

Barbara Cutsinger (Present)

Brenda Trawick (Present)

  • Election to Seat 2015 Board Members


  • Announcement of Election Results

2015 Board Members

Bob Webb-President

Mark Wolcott-Vice President

Clara Woods-Treasurer

Brenda Trawick-Secretary

Thomas Owen-Architectural Chair

Barbara Cutsinger-Nomination Chair


  • Adjournment

Meeting was not formally adjourned due to chaos in the audience and arguments involving the audience and the Board.