Ashford Park Home Owners


Minutes of Annual Meeting January 9, 2014


Board Members Present:  Roy Wigfield President, Wade Palmer Vice President, Sal Muccio Architectrual Committe, and Amy Palmer Secretary


56 Homes were represented with 1 proxy vote for a total of 57 homes, that is only 1/3rd of homeowners in our neighborhood.

Meeting opened by President, Roy Wigfield, introducing Pastor Lee from Liberty Church who began the meeting with an opening prayer.  After the Prayer pastor Lee was thanked by the board and Amy Palmer was given the floor to introduce the City Officials attending the meeting.  They are listed below:

City Councilmen;  Ralph Hellmich and Wayne Trawick City Council President

Foley Police Department:  Chief Wilson and Code Office Darryl Clevenger

City of Foley:  Mike Thompson City Administrator and Butch Stokes City Engineer

Mr. Ralph Hellmich opened up discussions about County Road 20 improvements to include an extension to County Road 65 and a 3 lane with addition of new lights and sidewalks.  Also mentioned was the new pedistrian bridge crossing HWY 59 and linking both County Road 20 East and West.  He noted that Pine Street would have improvements as well, including sidewalks/bikepath.  Mr. Hellmich encouraged residents to help keep garbage pickup cost low by joining Foley in an effort to be a "GREEN" city.  Each resident that decides to recycle will be furnished 1 regular garbage can/1 recycle can/1 green waste can at no additional charge.  Please call the City of Foley for more information or to request your can at 251-943-1545

Police Chief, Chief Wilson, brought to our attention how safe our community is and for the 4th straight year we have had no homicides.  He encourages neighbors to look out after each other, get to know your neighbors, talk to them, be observant about what they drive, pay attention to things out of the normal and never confront criminal activity.  Call the Police department for non emergencies at 251-943-4431 or 911 for emergencies.

Butch Stokes/Mike Thompson gave updates on the Grant money received and that funds will not be released until Summer 2014 for improvements to County Road 20.  repaving projects, improvements to County Rd. 20 and Pine St. with sidewalks which will improve access to the YMCA, Foley High School and Walmart for our subdivision.  Mr. Thompson stated if you see any street Light that is out please stop, get the number on the pole and call the City to report it.

Everyone Thanked the City Officials and all of them exited except for Code Officer, Darryl Clevenger.

New Board Nominations announced by President, 5 members to serve on the Board.

Amy Palmer, Roger Stringfellow, Tim O'Leary, Michelle St. John and Roy Wigfield.  Motion to approve, motion 2nd, approved.

Open Floor discussions:  Detention Area Phase 8, President stated we have had several contrators look at it but other things must happen prior to moving forward with improvements.

     Grant Money releases MID-SUMMER and Hampton Park HOA needs to be in compliance with improvements

Recommended by homeowner to put out "reed control" for Ponds into detention area.

Brick Mail box concerns, President stated the mail boxes DO NOT have a specified type in the new Covenants dated July 2012.  However, they must be approved by the Board.  Brick mailbox owners are responsible for damages/injuiries if someone runs into them according to Mr. Hellmich and Thompson.

Code Officer Clevenger spoke in reference to complaints about noise, animals, criminal activity, parking wrong way on streets or someone living in a motor home.  He showed homeowners the City of Foley website and how to navigate it and where to find city ordinances.

He discussed how to handle an issue:  Talk to your neighbor, don't CONFRONT     Decide who to contact; City, Police, or HOA.  The City or Police can be reached via Phone.  HOA complaints must be received in writing, either by email or regular mail to PO BOX 1078 Foley AL 36536.

President stated if you have a complaint and it doesn not have your name and address it will be ignored. President Stated, Covenants have not been changed in 2013, we will call a special meeting if  decision to change them is to be made in 2014.

Motion to move meeting to mid February for accounting purposes, 2nd, approved.  President closed meeting by stating we need to be good to our neighbors, referenced Mark12; 30 & 31 which states LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.  Many issues/complaints were resolved this year with simple communication and they were turned into friendships.  

Motion to adjourn, 2nd, approved.....Meeting adjourned.