Common area information

Notices for late dues were mailed.

The picture to your left shows a RESTRICTED  AREA sign and lock which has been placed on the fence of the common area on West Ashford Park Drive behind Lot 79.

The Board made the decision to do this after consulting with the HOA attorney, Mr. Baugher. 

The purpose is to keep all of our residents safe.  

We ask that all of our homeowners help keep the neighborhood safe by not entering this area.  

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 

The Board has sent out late notices to homeowners who have not paid their 2020 dues.

Dues were originally due March 31.  

After June 11, a fifteen dollar late fee per month will be added until the dues are paid in full and our attorney will be placing liens on the delinquent acccounts. 

Dues for 2020 are $200.00

They should be mailed to 

Ashford Park POA

PO Box 1078

Foley, Al 36536

?? email