The Board has signed a contract with GMC /Blade Construction company to complete the work on Hickory Pond as described at several Board meetings since 2019.It is the first bid obtained;other companies did not want to take on a small project. GMC oversees the project, as described at our meetings and makes sure it meets EPA specifications and coordinates with the city through Leslie Gahagan.    GMC and Mr. Robert Cummings were instrumental in obtaining this contract.  Along with the help from the city of Foley, especially Leslie Gahagan and Ralph Helmich, the work will begin very soon but is weather dependent. With the help of these individuals from the city of Foley, our drainage improvement will be done in such a way as it complies with all necessary EPA guidelines; after completion, a regular maintenance program with mowing will be developed.    We hope that this will help our current drainage issues and enhance our neighborhood which only raises property values.

In addition, another project that the Board has been anticipating is the work near County Road 20 which is another additional help to our drainage system.  According to Ralph Helmich:

 The City has acquired the " easements" from the SE detention pond to County Road 20.  The City Council will approve funding August 17th to excavate the project.  It should reduce water level on the pond and ditches coming to it which will help the whole system.  City Public Works will handle the project with the timing determined by the weather.

Mr. Hellmich also mentioned that improvements to ease traffic issues on Park Avenue will be brought up to the City Council and is awaiting a plan from the city engineers.  The city engineers and Mr. Helmich have visited multiple cites in areas near us, such as Mobile, Daphne and Fairhope, to investigate changes they have made in similar areas to Ashford Park and have a many ideas to use or modify for our particular needs. 

Many, many thanks to the individuals named above who helped us get an extremely necessary project up and running.


As we receive more information from the engineers at GMC and the contractor, we will try to provide that in a as timely a manner as possible. 

Big News

For those living adjacent to Hickory Pond, please be aware that once the construction begins, it will disturb any critters living in the pond, including snakes.  Please, please, be aware and be even more diligent with pets and children, as well as yourself. 

Be Careful!!!

“The lawsuit in the K. Clark case has reached its conclusion. The Board filed and the court granted a motion for summary judgment based on judicial estoppel grounds. The Court granted the Board’s motion and K. Clark did not appeal”