2020 Spending

and CD Information

January to May

The POA has 2 bank accounts and 1 CD

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Adams Homes

Myrtlewood CR24

Fulton Place CR 12

Magnolia Place CR 55

Matt Demers 251-752-7669


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Edward Jones CD

January 1 $40.000 (carried from 2019)

January 27 Add $413.00 (Profit)


Pond Account Centennial Bank Account

 May 13, 2020 $12.000.16 in pond account( from  the $50.00 per homeowner dues. ) Profit


General Account Centennial Bank

(see the PDF document to the left. 

Edward Jones CD Account

(Please see information from November 2019 to explain how the CD began. (This CD is dedicated to Hickory Pond maintenance and cannot be withdrawn for any other expense.